• Tom Girardi

Who are the most distracted drivers on the road?

How long is your commute? You may be one of the many residents of Southern California who could potentially spend an hour or more on the road each day -- one way. When rush hour traffic comes to a standstill, the urge to pull out your cell phone may be overwhelming.

The truth is that, at one time or another, most people do. The problem is that doing so puts you and everyone around you in danger. For that reason, you probably resist the that urge even though many others don't. Other drivers give in to distraction and increase your risk of suffering serious injuries due to another's negligence.

What group of people gives in to distraction the most?

As mentioned above, nearly everyone is guilty of distracted driving at some point. However, one group tends to give in to the temptation more often than any other. Consider the following statistics resulting from data gathered by Liberty Mutual Insurance in a study involving 8,010 drivers across the globe:

  • Approximately 86% of millennials admit to using their phones behind the wheel.

  • Around 72% of Gen Xers used their phones while driving.

  • Around 49% of baby boomers were on their phones and driving.

  • About 53% of millennials text or email while driving.

  • Approximately 36% of Gen Xers admit to emailing or texting behind the wheel.

  • Only around 11% of baby boomers admit to texting or emailing when driving.

  • About 33% of millennials use social media apps as they drive.

  • Around 15% of Gen Xers use social media apps while driving.

  • Only around 3% of baby boomers use social media apps behind the wheel.

The statistics are more even disturbing when it comes to engaging in other distracting behaviors while driving, such as putting on makeup or eating, but millennials still tend to do it more often than anyone else. In fact, millennials here in the U.S. tend to lead the world in distracted driving.

Drivers also admitted to speeding and driving aggressively as well. Again, U.S. drivers tend to do so more often than those in the other countries included in the study.

What this could mean for you

The chances of the driver in the vehicle next to you driving distracted are higher than you might think. Even though millennials may be the most distracted drivers on the road, any driver who gives in to distraction could threaten your safety. If you end up in an accident caused by a distracted driver, you could suffer serious injuries.

As you pursue the compensation you deserve, you will need to prove that the other driver's negligence led to your injuries. You may need help finding the evidence of distracted driving, aggressive driving, speeding or some other factor the other driver was engaged in at the time of the accident. An experienced attorney could provide you with the assistance you need.