• Tom Girardi

Do you suspect truck driver fatigue led to your injuries?

Even if you didn't see the truck barreling toward your vehicle, you felt the impact. You may feel lucky to be alive even though you suffered serious injuries. It could take you months to recover, and you may not fully recover.

While facing an unknown future, you will probably begin to wonder how you will afford your medical care and what will replace the income you may lose while you remain injured. If you believe the truck driver was at fault for the accident, you will need to be able to prove it. One primary cause of truck accidents is driver fatigue, and an investigation into the days leading up to the crash could reveal it played a significant role in the crash.

Clues regarding truck driver fatigue

Driving all day can be exhausting. It requires a great deal of attention, alertness and patience, especially with a vehicle as large, heavy and complex as an 18-wheeler. By the time a long-haul driver's day is over, they could feel quite fatigued. A driver can take steps to combat this fatigue, but if they failed to follow the common advice below, driver fatigue could be the answer you are looking for regarding the cause of the accident:

  • It may seem obvious that anyone who drives needs at least seven hours of sleep at night in order to do it safely.

  • Drivers receive encouragement from safety experts to nap before driving and to stop and nap about halfway through their driving days. These naps could reinvigorate the individual, which increases alertness and more.

  • Experts encourage drivers to stop about every two hours to stretch their legs, get some fresh air and otherwise get out of the truck for a bit.

  • Staying hydrated is also important since it helps avoid headaches and sleepiness.Too much caffeine can have the opposite effect on a driver since, when it wears off, there could be a crash similar to a "sugar crash" that many people experience after eating sugar.

  • Speaking of ingesting caffeine and sugar, a healthy diet is essential not only for the driver's health, but also for the ability to stay awake. Eating the wrong foods could cause drowsiness as well as other health problems that interfere with safe driving.

  • New technology can warn a driver when he or she becomes too fatigued to drive safely.

  • Numerous devices are now on the market to accomplish this task, but many drivers have not yet embraced them.

If an investigation into the day or days leading up to the accident indicates that the driver's habits contributed to his or her drowsiness, it could help you prove negligence in a legal claim for compensation.