• Tom Girardi

An increase in truck accidents increases your risk on the road

Tens of thousands of motor vehicle accidents happen across the country each year. While the number of people who lost their lives dropped 2% in 2017 from the previous year, the number of accidents involving trucks rose 9%. Data indicates that 4,671 people died in crashes involving trucks in 2017, and 72% of those fatalities were in passenger vehicles.

New safety measures in these mammoth vehicles, such as lane departure warnings, cameras and automatic emergency braking systems, should help decrease the number of crashes, but mechanical improvements are only part of the equation.

Far too many people die in truck accidents

Continued demand for products means there are more 18-wheelers on the country's roads. Each of those trucks carries tens of thousands of pounds of cargo. When you combine the size and weight of these trucks with driver errors, it's a recipe for disaster. The FMCSA continues to try to pinpoint the causes of the increase in accidents involving these trucks, but it does point to one cause that is not limited to truck drivers -- distracted driving.

The FMCSA can institute new rules, attempting to make truck driving safer, but ultimately, it is up to drivers and their employers to implement those rules and follow them.

Waiting for a solution

Until the FMCSA and the trucking industry find a way to overcome the 29-year high of truck accident fatalities, families will continue to suffer losses, and innocent victims will suffer serious injuries. While a monetary award may not erase what happened or make your body whole again, it could help you rebuild your life after a crash.